18 October 2010

Liverpool to Lancaster

I've always thought that our kids had full social lives but now I'm not certain. Two of them - the better looking and more intelligent ones that is - asked last week why I wasn't keeping up the blog!! The two weeks off were great but it's good to be back. As you can see, the modus operandi has changed for Part 2 and Terry Jepson, freshly returned from the National Parks of the US West, will act as roadie and chief caravan tow-er betweeen now and Hull. Terry helped to clean the van yesterday so it's looking spic and span for the first day on the road. The prospect of murderous Monday morning traffic on the M62 encouraged us to make an early start, so early it was - 06:00hrs to be precise. This paid off and we had a smooth journey, arriving at the Seafarers Centre at Liverpool shortly after 08:30, greeted by Peter Devlin, Jackie O'Connell and John Wilson, who is Chief Exec of the Liverpool Centre. (See photo)
Jackie told us that yesterday (Sun) a Filipino seafarer arrived at the centre dressed in just a tee shirt and torn jeans. No wonder the warm clothes that are so kindly provided by supporters of the Seafarers Centre are so welcome.
I managed just two hours on the bike during the two week break so was not really looking forward to today's 60 miles or so, but fortunately the road was flat and the strong wind blew from the Southwest - perfect conditions thqat aided good progress. The forecast of heavy showers amounted to nothing so it turned into a pleasant ride, the average speed being in excess of 16mph throughout the day.

Both the Willie Nelson and the Canned Heat songs about being on the road again come to mind but it's the verses from City of New Orleans that seem to sync perfectly with the cadence.

Terry has organised all the caravan sites, while Salvina has somehow "magic'd" a full invitation list setting out detailed plans for dinners and other functions that will take place as we progress. What a great talent - Thanks Salvina! Such a coincidence too, that we find that we are invited for dinner at the home of Eddie and Maureen Hignett who just happen to live only a mile from tonight's caravan site! We were treated to an excellent roast of lamb plus a perfect October evening's dessert of apple crumble and Custard! Thanks to you both for such a welcome and also to your friend Cliff who entertained us with stories of hill walking and passenger ship cruising. All good wishes to Cliff and Pauline for your Golden Wedding next year.

It's many years since our family holidays in a caravan, and amazing how, what used to be very basic Caravan Club Certificated Location (CL) sites have changed. In the 70's these were little more than fields with a fresh water stand pipe. Tonight we are located at at CL at Laverick Hall, abour 5 miles to the North East of Lancaster, with full electricity. excellent showers and toilets and even free wi fi, and not least a genial owner, William Tower who offered to drive to the caravan shop at Carnforth when we couldn't find the fresh water hose connection. Luckily it turned up in the sink. Yes, not being able to find stuff is definitely a man thing!


John Wilson said...

To end part 1 and commence part 2 of this mammoth UK Cycle Ride for Seafarers in Liverpool is most appropriate. Liverpool was for many the gateway to the world. Today the Port of Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal is busier than ever - being central within the UK Liverpool is a natural distribution centre for the whole of the country, which in itself will assist in reducing the UK's Carbon Emmision.
Liverpool Seafarers Centre is proud to be associated with this campaign. With our colleagues throughout the UK and beyond, we offer a friendly welcome and safe haven to all visiting Seafarers. We do this as recognition of and a "thank you" to all Seafarers who transport our vast range of goods to enable us to live like royalty.
Dave is to be encouraged on this his personal challenge; not only in raising the profile but also the much needed funds in support of the work which we undertake.
We Liverpool Seafarers Centre, wish Dave every success and God's blessing on this journey.
Follow Dave and support the campaign.

Catherine said...

I hope I am considered as one of the 'better looking and more intelligent' of your children! Happy to have the blog back up and running for my daily update. Good luck for the rest of the ride.
Hope the weather stays fair for you.