28 October 2010

Fort William

Having a rest day at the Caravan Club's (CC) Bunree site is twice-blessed. Terry's thoroughness in planning the sites included a request to the CC asking if they would give us some support. What a generous response then to be given a free night's stay at each of the CC full sites. All CC sites are really a treat, being maintained to the highest standards but Bunree must be amonst the finest given its superb location. The scenery arross Loch Linhhie is amazing and having yet another cloudless and mild day makes it very special indeed. (Anyone who knows this area will realise just how rare an occasion this is!) We treat ourselves to the full Scotish before heading again to St Mary's to speak after the morning mass. Today is Mission Sunday so I make a point of telling the congregation that I am not making a collledtion, but just want to tell them about AOS. I am fast reaching the conclusion that "The Year of the Seafarer" is a very well kept secret. It is sad that no-one has heard of it.
In spite of my comment to the contrary several kindly parishioners do squeeze notes into my hand as they leave. One of these is a lady who is in her 90's. Another adds to the stash with a wry smile saying "It's expensive being a Catholic!" Lovely people - thanks so much. On returning to the site, Terry suggests a brosk walk! I decline with a lame excuse of needing to do some office work, when what I am looking forward to is a PM snooze. I do however find time to give the carpets a much needed vac, and also to clean the bike. Several people are lounging outside their vans in the warm sunshine. Definitely among the "Sights you seldom see" category. A delightful day.

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