30 October 2010

Bettyhill to John O'Groats

The side trip to Cape Wrath meant that the departure from Bettyhill was delayed until well after 12:00hrs but the skies are blue as I set off for this important stage. The recognition that unlike the 2007 trip, JO'G will not mark the end of the ride is of little account. The wind is exactly from astern and blowing at a good force 5. I threfore am able to rattle along at a good 30k/h for much of the trip, taking in these banks and braes without seriously hindering progress. The wind is singing through the telegraph wires and the bike tyres swoosh along in unison on the still-wet roads. Their tune...? Ride of the Valkyries!!!!

Arriving at JO'G brings a short lived feeling of elation. There are photos to be taken, although the counterpart to the Land's End Signpost man here seems to have packed in for the day and taken the important bits of his sign with him. As it happens, the adjacent store has a conveniently painted signpost on its wall that does the trick. That's the top end of Scotland completed, now to head south.

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