03 October 2010

Holywell to Liverpool

The final day of Part 1 and we are joined by our elder daughter Catherine, her husband Dominic and Rebecca - age 16 months, The kindly Sisters from St Winifride's (Sister Roshni and Sister Jualiana pictured) wish us well and we take off on the final stage. The road to Birkenhead is flat and straight forward. Dominic is a recent convert to bikes with skinny tyres and sets a fair old pace after Catherine who has the added bundle on the pillion completes her 10 miles. We rendezvous a short way from the Woodside Mersey Ferry terminal in order to catch the correct ferry that will ensure the welcoming committee are out and waiting for us!
The sight of the Cunard and Liver Buildings are a stiring sight and again it strikes me that we have worked hard to earn these views. We dock at Liverpool pierhead just in front of the Liver Building and a few lines of Gerry Marsden's famous song that imortalised the ferry are played to add effect. The welcome sight of AOS Assistant Port Chaplain Peter Devlin and Fr Patsy Foley, former Southampton and Tilbury port Chaplain and recently appointed AOS roving ambassador greet us as we land. When Fr Patsy explains his new role I suspect that the previous challenges of getting Seafarers Centres up and running might seem like a piece of cake in comparison!
Younger daughter Aisling, Martin and Elijah join the family and photos are taken all round to commemorate this latest milestone.

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