02 October 2010

Cardigan to Aberystwyth

It's an ill wind...
The two key things I need to remember each night before turning-in is to charge my phone and the wretched Garmin. I've mentioned my disgust at its performance as a navigator, but it is essential for stats and in fairness, using the built-in maps for major citiy destinations has its uses. I just know not to follow any of its illogical directions.

When I looked for the Garmin, I realised that it was missing and then, even worse, remembered it was in my rucksack, and that was on the back seat of the car, which returned to Milford several hours previously with Fr JJ and AOS Director Martin Foley. The good news was that Martin was to return to Cardigan en route to Aberystwyth the following morning in order to pick up my overnight stuff. It therefore just meant a later departure. By the time Martin arrived at 11:00, the rain was clearing. The wait permitted a further chat with Fr Jason Jones who told me about the visit of the Pope and of his involvement with taking the statue of Our Lady of the Taper to Westminster. He also mentioned that Bishop Tom Burns (Bishop of the Menevia Diocese and also Bishop Promoter for AOS) led a Mass of thanksgiving following the Pope's visit, and started his homily. "The Papal visit was a disaster..." and then, "It was a disaster for the BBC, a disaster for the Press, etc...!" I have missed all of the coverage but loved that quote.

With the clearing weather, I enjoyed yet another fine ride enjoying favourable winds and stunning scenery. This part of Wales is completely new to me and I am further captivated when I stopped for lunch at Aberaeron. (See photo) My first experience of eating Cawl (Coul) too! This is another shortish ride and I arrived at Aberystwyth to meet Maria who has roadie duties until Liverpool. She wasn't waving balloons, but did manage to comment that I wasn't as gaunt as she had expected :-)
We enjoyed a cuppa in the warm afternoon sun, and then I rode the final 5 miles or so to Bow St where we stayed at a country house hotel. The muscle pain in my quads on restarting after resting for more than a few minutes gets more acute but passes however as the muscles warm up. I am now remembering to follow Vinny's stretching tips and must say that I haven't had the pain of severe cramps in recent days.

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