19 October 2010

Lancaster to Carlisle

I tell myself to write out 100 times "I must remember to do my stretching exercises after riding, and drink a lot more water and carb/electroytes drink." Chronic cramps in the quads last night were excruciating and there's only me to blame. I've tried to resolve that today.
We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before hitching up and going our separate ways. In deference to the sensitivities of other campers, I demurred at Terry's suggestion of a farewell hug! Although there was plenty of rain during the night it was fine and sunny morning - but single digit cold when I left. Today presents no problems with navigation. It is A6 all the way to Carlisle. Kendal provided the coffee stop and then the fun of approaching and climbing Shap began. Although nowhere near as tortuous as nearby Kirkstone Pass, Shap is a long grind and a poorly timed heavy shower plus the head wind made the going slow. My new Goretex waterproof hat does the business but its cute looking peak only serves to effectly cut forward visibility down to nothing.
I had suggested to Terry that we meet for lunch in Penrith, but after he had seen the Shap climb, he wisely decided to park up at Shap village and stop there. A welcome sight indeed to see the van opposite a pub door. The only downside of course was that there was still the small matter of the 30 remaining miles to Carlisle to complete. The afternoon continued with a cold northerly and a couple of heavy showers that didn't help me to stay warm. It was a long ride and I arrived at Carlisle at 1645 feeling very tired having clocked well over 70 miles.
Of course the good news is that Terry has taken care of setting up the van, and we are able to enjoy a warming cuppa before getting ready for our evening out. Tonight we are given royal treatment at the home of Rosemary Armstrong who has pasta, locally produced meat pies and a delicious apple pie. There were never two more grateful guests!
A look at the weather forecast is enought o put me off - snow is expected.
The photo shows the silver threads of the roads approaching Shap.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about your cycling adventure for a good cause at the last GPC meeting. You look great in the photos and wish you all the best. Maybe you should consider cycling to Malaysia and it is much warmer. Sam