03 October 2010

The Liverpool Seafarers Centre

Fr Patsy and Peter leave us with the instructions to just follow the road towards Southport and then shoot off to put on the kettle at the Seafarers Centre. I'm energised with the presence of Martin and Dominic and we average around 34k/h for the final 5 miles. It was my first visit to the Liverpool Centre and a privilege to meet such a great group of supporters. Several seafarers were taking advantage of the hospitality in this fine building and computers were much in evidence as their key link with home. At least a dozen PCs and a similar number of phones are installed and on hand to make communication as accessible as possible.

It was a pleasure to end Part 1 of the ride at such a historic seafaring location.
In the photo, Front row. L to R, Fr. John Seddon, Fr Pat Harnett (port Chaplain), me, David Wilde (lay Chaplain). Back Row, Peter Devlin (lay Chaplain) and Fr Patsy Foley.

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Catherine said...

It was good to see first hand the work that the AoS do. It was a lovely facility and obviously put to good use by those that we saw there.