14 September 2010

Worthing to Southampton

Andy Dogherty is a local who knows these parts and I was more than happy to let him navigate and lead the way. Andy in fact, ended up leading for 90% of the day which meant that I was able to "draft" and coast behind. Many thanks for doing that Andy, I had an easy day. There was plenty to talk about and we made decent progress. As we passed Butlins at Bognor I remembered that when we lived in Horsham, we took our son John, his 10 year old classmates and the family there for a birthday treat in 1983. There is a funy story that accompanies this but suffice to say, it rekindled happy memories that involved the blinding chlorine from the swimming pool, Optrex and the fact that because it cost £1.05, Maria didn't buy it!
Around Chichester, the odometer was just about to click over the 1000km mark. A cause for some celbration, but it occured to me that this represents approx 23 % of the ride. The Justgiving site however, was showing donations only slightly in excess of 4%. A bit of a depressing comparison which reminded me that we have to get out and shake the tins. There is certainly enough publicity. The Intertanko secretariat were kind enough last week to publish news of the ride in their weekly Members' Newsletter and having literaly hundreds of tanker-owner members, these are just the entities who can push us to the target.
The trip into Southampton was memorable mainly for the first real rain of the trip. We arrived at the Seafarers Centre to be met by Colin and Tracy. For once, Salvina and Candice weren't there to wave us home as they were out ship visiting with Roger Stone, AoS port Chaplain for Southampton. They did arrive shortly after, excited to have been to Fawley, having visited two tankers. I was so pleased as these definitely are my type of ships!!
The Centre laid on a terrific curry dinner and what a pleasure to see such a large contingent of seafarers' supporters come along to share a really good evening. Thanks so much to everyone who turned up. Thanks too to John and Kathy Hughes for putting me up. John, the Centre is such a credit to the efforts you put in to its initial creation and on-going success.

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Andrew said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your comments about our "Day 1". I enjoyed the ride from Worthing to Southampton, and leading the way to give you a break (for some of the time), was no problem, and the least I could do. I particularly enjoyed your moment of reaching that first 1,000 Km milestone in Southbourne, nr Emsworth. I must also join you in thanking all at the Southampton Seafarers Centre for their hospitality, but especially the kindness and dedication to the cause shown by Salvina and Candice who are truly wonderful ambassadors of the AoS organisation.

However, I await your blog about our "Day 2" and the "fun" we had in near gale force head winds through the Purbeck Hills - a different story where all should know that I take my hat off to you. How you battered your way through every climb only to "rest" while waiting for me to crest the top (a couple of times in defeat pushing my bike :-() is a marvel and an inspiration to me.

I enjoyed our two days and 120 miles, and the reception and sense of achievement on reaching Weymouth after our hard day in the saddle made it all the more rewarding. However, I now more than ever appreciate the enormity of the task you have embarked upon and will be willing you on every crank of the pedal. Godspeed Dave.