22 September 2010

Bodmin to Bideford

Company again from Bodmin to Bideford. Rob Maher, former farmer, teacher and another John O'Groats veteran who made the ride unsupported on a Dawes complete with front and rear panniers and a tent. Rob directed me along the tree shaded Camel Trail and we enjoyed a very pleasant ride to Bideford. Thanks Rob for the companionship and allowing me to taek all those rests! Thanks too for the contribution. I think about this and this isnt the way it was supposed to be. The idea of having company along for the rides was that the riders, in turn, would attract support from their own cadre of friends and family, not to sponsor themselves! Arriving at Bideford I reported to Micheal and Jenny Gilmour's lovely home overlooking the River Torridge. Michael, with vintage cars in the garage and a vintage Italian bike and frame mounted shifters for early generation Dura Ace Gears led me to the Church of the Sacred Heart to meet Fr Terry O'Donovan and the Welcome Committee. Again and again, I am seeing demonstrations of this kind of support to seafarers by such kindly people. We return to Scared Heart for mass. Thanks Fr Terry and the parishioners of Sacred Heart for making it very special and for such generous contributions. This is definitely NOT a parish that needs reminding of the work of AoS.
The photo shows Keith and Judy Lindsell prior to departure to Bideford

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