09 September 2010

Arrival at Louth

In spite of me leading Tim on a two lap ciruit of Goxhill (courtesy of my state-of- the-art Garmin GPS) he suggested resuming passage after our stop at St Joseph's. We rode at a decent pace for a couple of hours with Tim kindly taking the lion's share of pacemaking and allowing me to draft. A well deserved pint was purchased on arrival at Louth and he must have seen my look of surprise in noting that half the glass was downed in a single gulp. He said David, one thing I need to explain is that my friends call me "Two sips Phipps!" No wonder!! In the bckground is the Church of St. James, with a majestic spire that dominates the surrounding landscape. At 295ft it's the tallest Aglican spire in the UK.
Dist: 98.2 km
Av Spd 18.46 k/h

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