15 September 2010


I have mentioned before, the feeling of elation that comes at the end of the day's ride and after this one, it was such a pleasure to arrive at the Pavillion and to be greeted by clergy and AoS supporters. Thanks so much for turning out. Andy needed to return to Southampton and after the quick refreshing cuppa, rode back to the station and home. Thanks Andy for your great companionship for the two days and encouragement since way back in April.

I spent the night at the home of Joe Peterson, AoS supporter and a genial Mancunion who was called to the South many years ago, great cook and walker extrordinaire. I was amazed to learn that Joe had walked/camped from John O' Groats to Portland, the Santiago de Compostela pilrimage trail and incredibly from the UK to Rome. What feats! Thanks Joe (seated centre above) for giving me such a fine evening. Sorry I wasn't able to accpt the offer of the GnT but I will when we meet again!

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