18 September 2010

Tor Point to Truro

Ann's husband Peter gave up his Saturday to drive me to Tor Point, and onto the Ferry where we said goodbye. Peter continued on to deliver the car to our next stop, Our Lady of the Portal and St Perin, in Truro and then take the train home. Many thanks Peter.
The day's ride can be described only as superb. Lots of steepish climbs were followed by fast descents. On one of the latter, when coming into the village of Looe, I spotted an extraordinary sight. Outside the Globe pub, at least 40 morris dancers were rattling bells, clashing sticks and beer tankards. The time was 10:40 AM! I had absolutely no hesitaion in stopping to enjoy such a uniquely English ritual in one of the country's most beautiful villages and on such a wonderful day. Watching this, listening to the sound of the accordian, and a fine old saying comes to mind "Contentment is wealth!" Polperro follows and the hills as well. I can only say that they were worth it. Another treat in crossing to Fowey on the Bodinnick ferry, but after leaving Fowey, the scenic part of the day came to an end when I returned to the A380 for the final 18 or so mile push into Truro. I met Rachael Davidson at Truro station. Rachael is another big-hearted AoS supporter who has given up her weekend to travel from London to Truro and join me for the ride to Hayle via Land's End. We were given the privilege of attending mass at Our Lady of the Portal and St Perin. whatever esle Rachael was expecting when she left London, collecting donations for Seawheeling after mass probably wasn't high on the list! AOS will be delighted at the generosity of the St Perin's congregation. The kindness of Fr Gilmour McDermott in allowing me to stay at the presbytery is another example of this friendly parish. In addition, we were treated to an outstanding dinner courtesy of Mary Scanlon. Mary is part time Matron at Charterhouse school. The boys there are lucky! Overall, a memorable day in so many ways. In the photo, Rachael, Fr Peter Stone who said mass, and me.

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