11 September 2010

Chelmsford to Enfield

Salvina assumes control and we say farewell to John and Ann Holland. It was a real pleasure to meet you, the warmth of your your hospitality and the full Irish complete with BOTH black and white pudding was such a great tonic!
Another meandering ride due largely to faulty navigation on my part and the initially estimated 48 km ends up as 72! The final dozen or so Km into Enfield was unavoidably along busy roads and Rebecca, you did amazingly well for all three days, not only to keep up a good pace, but also to put up with my rubbish navigation! Sorry too, about your tyre. When I offered to blow it up at Enfield, it wasn't supposed to be literally that! :-)
Dist 72 Km
St Time 3,3 hrs
Spd 22.12 K/h

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