11 September 2010

Enfield to Canterbury

My appreciation for the hospitality shown throughout the journey seems to have dried up at Enfield. No offence Suzanne, you know what its like when its family :-)
A trip down memory lane as I took the Lea Navigation route into London. Always a joy during summer months when I was riding into Central London every day, it again reminded me how refreshing this area is, only yards away from the crowded suburbs of Walthamstowe and Hackney as sights of heron, foxes, rabbits, boats and rowers are commonplace. The milestone of crossing the Thames at Tower Bridge gave a brief moment of satisfaction before car-dodging again consumed 100% concentration. The sprawl of London seemed to continue endlessly and with my confidence in the Garmin GPC at zero, ( it is utterly useless as a navigation device BTW) I was not able to use those side road routes that I'd spent so many hours preparing. Another happy moment when I stopped to check the map outside the Cosmopolitan Pub at Northfleet. Stewart Hylands, who works there asked if I needed directions. His immediate reaction after learning about Seawheeling was to open his wallet and hand over a kind donation. As the ad says...for everything else, there's Mastercard :-)
I needed to arrive at Rough Common by 1615 to meet Daniel Mulcahy, AOS Chaplain for Medway ports so cracked on without a longer lunch break. It was pleasing to be there in time and to see Dan's AOS care parked half way up the very steep hill approaching the rendezvous. This of course gave me the perfect excuse not to continue to the top! The local SVP contingent very kindly came out to greet me and I was so pleased to be able to ride with Winston Waller and Carolyn Helman as far as the Franciscan Study Centre where we were so warmly greeted by Friars, Clergy and AOS supporters. (See pic)


valerie1 said...

It was a priviledge for us to be a small cog in David's fund raising wheel by caring for him overnight in our home in Whitstable. You are to be admired David for your efforts, your enthusiasm and your energy. You will be in mind as we follow your journey ... and the weather forecasts! Kind regards, Dan & Val Mulcahy.

Philip Austin said...

Dave, we are looking forward to meeting you in Truro and riding with you on sunday, keep up the good work.

Philip and Karen Austin