05 November 2010


A rest from pedalling today but it is busy in other respects. Port Chaplain Brian Kilkerr meets us at the Fisherman's Mission at Peterhead where we meet Centre Manager George. Peterhead is the port from which the TV series Trawlerman was made and George knows all the skippers and those characters whose natural TV presence made it such fascinating viewing. During my travels, I have heard at several ports, news that local Fisherman's Missions are closing, Another sad reflection on the decline in the numbers of fishermen in the industry?
Peterhead provides the second occasion where there is a chance to visit ships and it is such a pleasure. On this occasion, we are able to board two offshore supply vessels and as always, are welcomed like old friends. Even though a full crew change is imminent on one, our feeling of comfortable comerardarie with the crews is tangible. In spite of the circumstances, an insistant invitation to stay for lunch clearly cannot be refused!
In preparation for an important meeting in Aberdeen the following day, Terry and I pay a visit to a Peterhead barber's shop to smarten up. Although the pretty local girl who cut my hair was talkative, it was impossible to try and impress her by boasting of my exploits! She clearly couldn't understand a word of what I was saying! Listening too, to Terry's exchanges with his stylist, neither of us could make out their unusual accents.

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