07 November 2010

Peterhead to Aberdeen

The road trip to Aberdeen is memorable only in its brevity. 31 miles is a ride around the block and particularly so as the winds have eased. The traffic of course increases as I approach the city but I arrive in time to meet my business friends from Return to Scene (They'll not thank me for saying so, but they develop hi-def spherical photography imaging for crime forensics, offshore oil installations and latterly, for oil and gas tankers - think of Google Street View for ships!) MD Brian Dillan organises sandwiches and we chat a bit about business - and a lot about seawheeling - until its time to leave for the key appointment of the day at the Aberdeen Town House. Brian Kilkerr has managed to arrange an inviation to meet the assistant to the Lord Provost of the City, and with Scottish AOS Promoter Bishop Peter Moran, Brian and his wife Jackie in attandance, Terry and I feel like proper VIP's. In truth, the visit is not only unstufffy, it is very interesting, especially after Cllr John Carol modestly mentioned that he was not only a former seafarer, but a sailing, tall ships one at that! A fascinating discussion ensused as he told us of his exploits initially as a part time volunteer but eventaally being full time Master-at-arms on one of the Norwegian tall ships. Of course we all bombarded the good councillor in turn, with the work of AOS! The photo shows AOS Bishop Promoter for Scotland, Peter Moran, Brian Killker and Cllr John Carol at the Aberdeen Twon house.
We were able to park the caravan in the church car park and when Brian and Jackie returned later in the evening to take us out for dinner bearing the Wiggle box that told me that the Garmin was delivered, the day was complete. Only when I came to open the package after we returned from the restaurant did I find that although the software, cables etc. were all there, the actual GPS unit wasn't! Disappointment doesn't describe the feeling. In spite of best efforts to replace it and the logistics of actually getting it delivered, finding the crucial GPS missing was very depressing. I immediately told John S to inform Wiggle that their security needs to be tightened up, and if anyone gets the feeling that I have pulled a fast one here, the package was opened up in the presence of an ordained Priest, a Deacon and a retired police Inspector! Not guilty mi'lud!

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