12 November 2010

Perth to Edinburgh

Another rainy day and getting out of the caravan door takes a bit of effort plus "encouragement" from Terry! The A912 intertwines with the busy M90 as I head south. Rain all the way that gets worse as the Firth of Forth approaches.
In recent days I have had increasing pain from my left Achilles and personal chiro Vinnie offers some advice to keep it under control. I am now taking Ibuprofen and Ibulev to ease the pain, but nevertheless I find it difficult to put pressure on the left pedal. Not a good situation.
Crossing the Forth was in heavy rain so no opportunities for photos of the famous bridge. I am reminded of my crossing of the Severn back in September. It all seems so long ago.
The ankle pain was becoming really troublesome so after crossing the bridge I stopped at at a chemist for a support sock. The kindly chemist was dismissive of my apologies about the huge puddle that was dripping from my soaked gear.
Timewise, I made good progress along the cycle route towards Edinburgh, passing through Cramond, clearly the place to live for the very well-heeled! The Caravan Club site in Edinburgh, like all CC sites, is impeccibly maintained and the glorious luxury of a hot shower at the end of a wet ride never diminishes! It is, however another day where there is no time to rest as we are expected at St Mary Star of the Sea Church at 1630 for the ever-welcome reception. Fr Denis Cormican and the generous parishioners who are prepared to turn out on a Friday afternoon give Terry and me rousing cheers as we arrive and we are treated to copious quantities of cakes and tea before leaving to see the brilliant Seafarers Charities display at the local mall. AOS Parish Contact Ann-Marie Stephen and AOS port Chaplain for the Forth Richard Haggarty have done a brilliant job in raising awareness of AOS in the Edinburgh area and getting this display at the very location where the Royal Yacht Britannia is moored and visited by thousands couldn't be bettered.
Our evening concludes at Ann-Marie's home with excellent conversation and glorious food!

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