30 July 2010

The New Arrival

A bit like a strip tease, views of bike components (Campag Chorus front mechs if you are sad enough!) are probably more exciting to enthusiasts than a photo of the entire bike!
I recently learned a new acronym that describes the phenomenon of... er... "mature" males who have discovered cycling - "MIMILs" - Middle Aged Men in Lycra! Maria told me that I didnt qualify for that one so coined the "OAPsIL" expression.
The Condor weighed in at 23lbs, which is not at all light, but is a true tourer and - so far - feels very comfortable.Posted by Picasa

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Andrew said...

Hi Dave - I still remember that dreadful day 7/7 that started your interest in bikes and riding long distances. That seemed a desperate measure that day, but you seem to thrive on such decisions to drive you on. Getting yourself made to measure for this epic venture sounds like another prime motivator and I wish you luck. Afraid my Specilaized doesn't match your latest beast, but I still plan to try and keep up if I am able to join you as planned.