30 July 2010

Desperate Measures!

Sea wheeling has been gestating for two years and when I was commuting 30-40 miles a day, training wasn't an issue. Go to work-come home from work-stay fit. After leaving OCIMF it was a different story. Read any books on getting fit and repeatedly you will see the words "The hardest part of training is the bit between the bed and the front door" So it is. Without the daily commute, the propects of rashers, the Telegraph Crossword and the comfy pattern of life without riding was quickly set. Dont worry, I told myself, I'll start in earnest after Christmas. Christmas came and went and we all know just how bad the winter was. A ready-made excuse then not to do anything. It'll be easy once spring arrives, I'll get cracking after Easter. April, May... OMG!!! I'm not sure if bike training books tell you how to deal with this kind of denial or inertia, but being at least 30lbs overweight 3 months before embarking on a four thousand plus km ride, isnt very smart. I desperately needed an inspiration to get off my backside. In June OCIMF celebrated its 40th anniversary. I was invited and pleased to be seated next to my ex boss, good friend and keen cyclist, John Hughes. John casually rolled off tales of riding London to Paris, the French end-to-end and of his plan to ride the Pyrenees later this year. Oh yes, and that he'd bought a Dolan track bike and was regularly puting in 2hr sessions at the velodrome! The following day, I took a trip to Condor Cycles and 2 hours later after being measured in every direction, a new Agio was ordered and the ultimate "desperate measure" had been taken!

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